Music is the universal language. It allows us to communicate across cultural borders.

- Dr. Osman Kivrak, CCYO Director

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Audition Information

To view CCYO's COVID-19 Protocols for this Fall term, click here (PDF).

Auditions for Fall 2022

Auditions will be held on September 10th, 2022, from 10 AM to 3 PM at Christ Church, 112 Charles St., La Plata

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Returning members do not need to audition again unless moving to

a different ensemble. 


Registration and Payment deadlines are being determined. 

Additional payment information found on our Registration/Payment page.

Requirements for Prelude Strings

  1. One octave D major scale. (Focus on good position and technique.)

  2. #86 Ode to Joy, or #92 Can Can from Essential Elements book 1 (Or equivalent piece.)

Requirements for Encore Strings

  1. One octave scales - C, G, A, F, B-flat; and the g melodic minor scale. (See links below.)

  2. A prepared piece at MMEA grade level 2 or above. For example- Suzuki Volume Two, a grade 2 piece from the MMEA manual for Solo & Ensemble, or the excerpt linked below.

  3. Students wishing to be placed in the 1st violin section should be prepared to demonstrate 3rd position. This can be a prepared etude, solo, or the provided excerpt.

Requirements for Encore Band

  1. Two scales of your choice.

  2. 7th and 8th grade:  p. 22 or 38 of Standard of Excellence Book 2. 6th grade: Sawmill Creek, p. 20 in Standard of Excellence book 1If you don't have the music please email Takako Mato. (See contact page.)

Requirements for CCYO Strings

  1. Two-octave major scales - C, G, D, A, F, B-flat, and E-flat; Violin/bass -- a melodic minor; viola/cello -- d melodic minor. Scales should be memorized and slurred 2 per bow. 

  2. Play a prepared piece at MMEA grade level 4 or above. (For example- Suzuki Volume 4, a solo piece at MMEA grade 4 piece, or the excerpt linked below). All solos need to demonstrate shifting.

Requirements for CCYO Woodwinds and Brass

  1. Each student will be asked to perform the chromatic scale, beginning on a note of the student’s choosing, and major scales selected from the following keys: C, G, D, A, E, f, B-Flat, E-Flat, A-Flat. The scales must be performed from memory, evenly and smoothly in a 16th note pattern. All scales are to be played ascending and descending a minimum of one octave, except Flute and B-flat Clarinet who shall perform the scales a minimum of two octaves.

  2. A solo piece at MMEA Grade 4 or higher.

Requirements for CCYO Percussion
Percussion audition requirements are the same as for All-State auditions. The specific requirements can be found here.

  1. Students should be prepared to audition on timpani and either snare drum or mallets.

  2. A solo of MMEA Grade 4 or higher will be required on both instruments.

Students are responsible for bringing their own snare sticks, mallets, and a pitch source (tuning fork or pitch pipe) for tuning the timpani.

Timpani: Be able to tune all drums from a pitch source (tuning fork or pitch pipe). Demonstrate roll exercises from the All-State requirements (page 4).

Snare Drum: Rudiments from the All-State requirements (page 2)
Mallets: Two-octave scales up to 4 sharps and 4 flats, plus a two-octave chromatic scale, in a 16th note pattern (page 3)

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