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I love being in orchestra because separately we hold abilities so great, that when put together makes something extraordinary. - Isabela B., viola

This year's programming was amazing! My favorite piece is the Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony. Its grand opening and the flowing nature of the first movement reminds me of summer, and brings me back to simpler times. - Blythe M., violin

Released 4 August 2020:

Click here to read about CCYO's Virtual Auditions on the Southern Maryland Chronicle:

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Released 3 July 2020:

Click here to read CCYO's media release for their Virtual Fourth of July Concert.

Released 25 May 2020:

Click here to read about CCYO's Virtual 2020 Spring Concert on WTOP News:

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“This program, Charles County Youth Orchestra, is sponsored in part by a grant from the Charles County Arts Alliance and

Maryland State Arts Council.”

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