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Chamber Music Festival 2024

Chamber music is an opportunity to make music with your friends while performing in small groups without a conductor. Performing chamber music is the ultimate training for teamwork.

Upon acceptance, individual students will be assigned to a duo, trio, or quartet. Pre-formed groups are also welcomed.

CCYO students who have participated in previous CCYO Chamber Music Festivals have recently advanced to the finals of the Misbin Chamber Music Competition in Washington DC.

WHEN: Students can register for one or both of the following four-day sessions, each of which will culminate in a rehearsal and concert on Saturday.

Session 1: July 16-20; Concert July 20
Session 2: July 23-27; Concert July 27

The coaching schedule for each week is as follows:

coaching sessions are one hour each day and will be scheduled between 10 AM and 12 PM, Tuesday through Friday. 

Concert Schedule: Saturday’s session will be a rehearsal at 6 PM followed by the concert at 7:30 PM.

WHERE: Coaching sessions take place at Grace Lutheran School, 1200 Charles Street, La Plata. Concerts are at Christ Church,112 Charles Street, La Plata.

HOW: CCYO (all groups) members: $60 per session, no audition required. Non-CCYO members: $100 per session, audition required.

Application form found here (DOCX) and here (PDF).

Please submit the completed form to Dr. Kivrak at

Deadline for application is June 15, 2024.

Chamber Festival Payment Form

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“The programming was really amazing. The music selections were very diverse, with baroque, classical, and contemporary pieces. It really helped me to learn to appreciate different genres of music. When I first listened to one of the pieces we had been given, I thought I wouldn't like it, but as I started to learn the piece, I really grew to love it. Being open to different types of music is extremely important as a musician and will encourage us to further our knowledge on the ever-changing subject of music.” Blythe M., 2021

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