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Virtual Chamber Music Camp 

July 1-24, 2020

This is a new program designed to allow students to explore chamber music together and learn more about chamber music pieces and how to perform them.

The program is open to rising 9-12th graders in CCYO. This year approximately 12 students will be accepted: up to 6 violins, 3 violas, and 3 cellos. These limits are not because we don't want to take everyone, but because the distribution of instruments in chamber music generally requires these proportions. If the program is successful, we will expand to more students and instruments in future years.

Each group will meet virtually with their coach for an hour twice a week for three weeks to help the students perfect their parts. Students are expected to attend every session and practice their parts individually every day. At the end of the three weeks, each student will record their part separately and the Director of the CCYO will edit them into a complete work, with Charles County Historical sites as virtual backgrounds. If the COVID-19 situation has improved, very small live performances of the pieces will take place physically at the Charles County Historical sites, with the students playing together. Whether performed remotely or together, the performances will be released on our Facebook page once recorded.

The fee for this program is $40 per student. The application deadline for students is June 15th. Interested students should contact Dr. Kivrak directly.

Student applicants must be available from 10 AM-12 PM, Monday through Friday during the three weeks of the program. The regular weekly sessions will be scheduled within these times. Coaches will be Dr. Kivrak and his wife Dr. Lazar, a violinist who has taught solo violin and chamber music at American University for over 20 years.

Dr. Kivrak can be reached at

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